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With 4+ years of specializing in on-demand rides, we're the industry leader in providing high volume, local transportation in the most fun way possible. We utilize 100% electric vehicles and mobile app technology to effectively get people where they need to go. Our community focused approach and city ambassador drivers provide cities with the X‑Factor that keeps residents and visitors coming back.




Provide a safe, effective and easy to use ride solution for thousands of residents and visitors.


Increase value of visiting and living within service areas through a community focused mobility solution.


Ease congested parking and traffic in the downtown core and surrounding neighborhoods.


Collect analytics on where people are going and when. Receive monthly reports and conduct rider surveys.

Word on the street

We’re seeing increased turnover in the core and there are empty spaces in the core on a regular basis. It’s working exactly as planned. These are cars off the road.
— Mitch Osur, Aspen City Parking Director
Aspen’s FREE Downtowner shuttle exceeded everyone’s expectations in ridership. The shuttle also cost less per person compared to most transit systems!
— Kelly Clonts, Transportation Specialist @ Smarking
Our driver was the best! He was just 5 minutes away, so happy, safety oriented with the kids and very knowledgable about the area. Definitely will use the service again!
— Jessica, Newport Beach Rider
Great service, nice guys, very convenient. One of the reasons we feel lucky to live in downtown Delray. Takes away the hassle of trying to find parking. Highly recommend.
— Karen, Delray Beach Rider


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