Downtowner's First Month in Tampa, FL

Downtowner's First Month in Tampa, FL

Offering rides 7 days a week completely free of charge, on-demand via an app, was unheard of in Downtown Tampa until this past month. Since it's launch on Oct 20th, Downtowner has been seen zipping around the streets of Downtown, the Channel District, Harbor Island and University of Tampa, dropping off workers off at their workplace, picking up residents at their doorstep, making sure UT freshmen aren't late for class and shuttling Lightning fans to the arena just in time for puck drop. Here's what we found in our first month of operation.


Ridership has been through the roof. During the first month of service Downtowner has transported 12,728 passengers! Most of which are commuters, with single person riders accounting for 53% of all rides and ride request demand peaking during afternoon rush hours (4 - 8pm). These aren't one ride wonders. 61% are repeat riders, requesting more than just a single ride during the first month. The number of riders have shot up during the past three weeks and has been trending upwards since Day 1.


Over the past three weeks, our analytics show a rising number of requests throughout every hour of the day (including 6am). This increased demand has led to higher average wait times of 13 mins. Fortunately, riders are given an accurate wait time before requesting the ride, so they can decide if it's feasible for them. Riders no need to fret, you will not lose your place in the queue. Even if your phone dies or runs out of data, you can count on a Downtowner driver arriving to your pickup location. (Pro Tip: If something happens to your phone, you can log into the Downtowner app on another device and your ride in progress will pop right up and continue where you left off 😎).


Heat Map of every pickup and drop-off location.

Heat Map of every pickup and drop-off location.

Rider's are taking advantage of the extensive service area, going to and from places in every part of map. Residents lucky enough to live in apartment buildings in the Channel District or Harbour Island, and work in the business district have a new, convenient way to work. The students of UT, Tampa Bay Lightning fans and guests staying at the Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel are also enjoying the new, fun transportation option. Commuters rely on the Downtowner as their "first and last mile" of transit as seen by the number of daily requests to and from Marion Transit Center.

Most popular destinations:

  1. University of Tampa - Pepin Stadium
  2. Publix Super Market on Bayshore
  3. Bell Channelside Apartments


Busiest day: Fridays (specifically happy hour)
Quietest day: Lazy Sundays
Most rides (single rider): 84!
Apple domination: 74% of riders use an iPhone
Highest rated driver: 8-way tie with a 4.9 average rating
Total miles driven: 7,837
Total CO2 emissions: 0


About Downtowner Inc: Downtowner’s concept stemmed from a need to get around town in a better way. Downtowner utilizes mobile app logistics technology and 100% electric vehicles to provide on-demand rides in downtown areas and their surrounding neighborhoods. Their focus is addressing the micro-transit issues that many cities are facing every day. Currently, Downtowner is providing the last, and first mile of transit for hundreds of thousands of people across the country.